As part of our effort to better our services to you, our customers, we are making some changes to the way our system works.

One of such changes is how we will treat expired domains and suspended products and services from now on.

Any expired domain which has exceeded both its grace renewal period and redemption period (typically 60 days in total), will be automatically removed from your account. Once this removal is done, you will have to place a new order for the domain in order to be able to use it again

Any product or service that has been suspended for more than 60 days, will be automatically terminated from our servers and removed from your account. Once this termination/removal has been completed, you will have to place a fresh order and do a fresh setup for such product or service.

Please note that once a domain/product/service has been removed from your account, we do not keep any record of it - all setup, files, and configurations for it are permanently removed from our systems and servers. The only information that can be retrieved is what is stated in your invoices for it.

All these changes are to ensure that our systems are not overloaded with stale data, and to ensure that our response time to your requests is significantly improved.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any concerns and questions about this new setup - a ticket or an email to support@cloudhost.com.ng will receive quick response.

Thank you .

Thursday, October 18, 2018

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