#Russia2018 - Free Lifetime Unlimited Hosting this World Cup season

In the spirit of the FIFA World Cup season, we at CloudHost are rewarding all our loyal customers with a mind-blowing offer of free hosting services this season. This Russia2018 webhosting promo features prizes of 3-month to Lifetime of free webhosting service. And guess what? All you have to do is Refer and Win!

Levels of Referrals and Rewards

Refer 1 person = Get 3 Months Free Hosting
Refer 2 persons = Get 6 Months Free Hosting
Refer 3 persons = Get 9 Months Free Hosting
Refer 4 persons = Get 12 Months Free Hosting
Refer 5 persons = Get 18 Months Free Hosting
Refer 6 persons = Get 21 Months Free Hosting
Refer 7 persons = Get 24 Months Free Hosting
Refer 8 persons = Get 3 years Free Hosting
Refer 9 persons = Get 4 years Free Hosting
Refer 10 persons = Get Lifetime Free Hosting
Refer 11 persons = Get Lifetime Free Hosting + 12 Free Domains of your choice.

Register Free on CloudHost and Generate your Affiliate/Referral Link or you could mail us information that you referred someone and we will verify and apply your Reward accordingly.
Email support@cloudhost.com.ng or chat with us on WhatsApp 13525592355.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must have an account with CloudHost, even if you have not made any purchases. Register Free
  • You will get Lifetime free Hosting for the Plan/Server type/specs of your referral with the Lowest Plan. So if you refer 10 people with Student Plan and one with a Dedicated Server, you will get a Student Plan Lifetime Hosting, if you refer 10 people that purchase Dedicated Server, you will get a Lifetime Dedicated Server Hosting.
  • This Promotion applies to ALL Shared Web Hosting Plans, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers only.
  • This promotion is open to Everyone regardless of country of residence.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

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