Shortcode and Longcode services

Dedicated Virtual long code number This will be a registered virtual long code number that will be connected to your server. When messages are received by this dedicated number, the message and the sender's number gets forwarded to your pre-provided server URL automatically. The number will be hosted in our data center and will be available 24/7 for your use.
100% Complete
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Setup cost is 325 USD and monthly cost is 50USD
Dedicated Virtual long code number Price N11,000.00/mo Order Now
Want your user's call/SMS to your longcode setup is free, this services allows you to pay for SMS/user call to your longcode number.
PostPaid number setup for reverse billing Price N200,000.00Naira + N57,950.00Naira Setup Fee One Time Order Now
Easy to remember GSM numbers across all networks
for example 08171111120, 080711111110 07030303030 etc
Smart numbers Price N25,000.00Naira + N7,500.00Naira Setup Fee One Time Order Now